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Cadillacs Roofing has been proudly serving the Mississauga & Southern Ontario communities since 2010. We are the #1 roofing company in Mississauga, with extensive experience in all types of roof repairs. If you need a roof replacement or want to spruce up your residence – we are standing by, ready to take care of everything from minor fixes to complete restorations! 

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Rooftops are often overlooked when we consider what needs repairing on our houses because they’re hard to see at ground level unless somebody points them out; however these structures keep all elements outside while absorbing damage caused by rainfall and snow over time. 

When planning on how to repair or replace your roof, contact us today at Cadillacs Roofing Mississauga & Ontario office phone number (647) 877-3144 where we can discuss your options and come up with the best possible way to get started right now!

Cadillac is a reputable Roofing and Construction Company in Mississauga. We are proud to provide roofing and Mississauga roofing service to all of our customers with the best roof installation, repair, and replacement services available. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident that we will get your home back up to code as soon as possible!

About Us

Cadillacs Roofing Inc. is a family owned Mississauga roofing contractor that has been working all over the GTA since March, 2010. The owner Marcelo has been roofing since 2000 and personally oversees your home’s roof installations.

What makes Cadillacs roofing the #1 Roofing Company in Mississauga is our attention to detail and the care that we put into every project. We approach each job differently because no two roofs are the same. 

We pride ourselves on installing a complete roofing system on every roof and giving you a peace of mind when it comes to keeping the weather out of your home with trained and certified  installers.

Our Process

Roofing Benefits

Super Durability

With Cadillacs Roofing, you are guaranteed to get high quality products that will last with your new roof system. Cadillacs Roofing takes into account the many different variables that will help you have a longer lasting new roofing system when being inspected. With almost every roof being different, we analyze problem areas and come up with solutions meant to last.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important contributing factors to a long last energy efficient roof is ventilation. Cadillacs Roofing will install the appropriate ventilation in order to help you save money on your bills. With the right amount of insulation, and intake and exhaust venting on your roof you will feel the difference in your home after Cadillacs Roofing installs a new roof system.

Increase Curb Appeal

At Cadillacs Roofing, we install one of the best shingles on the Canadian market. These shingles will not only protect your roof but make it stand out with the beautiful colour choices available. The roofing system installed by Cadillacs Roofing will raise the value of your home when a complete roofing system is installed.

Warranty Coverage

We stand behind our work. We offer some of the best worksmanship warranties in the area.

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Our Happy Clients!

Andi Orn
Andi Orn
I can't tell you how impressed I've been with the service I received from Cardillacs Roofing. The first day they came to give me a quote, they were very excited about the opportunity to work on my roof. That's a lot different than some of the other contractors I've dealt with, and it's also very reassuring to know that they are prepared and interested in my project.
Brenda Tyndall
Brenda Tyndall
I called them on a Sunday because the wind had blown off my entire roof. Service from start to finish was quick and efficient. Everything was handled professionally with care. Would recommend this company to anyone!
Paula Alvarez
Paula Alvarez
This company is the best! They repaired our roof after the hurricane and the work was excellent. No more leaks. The employees are very good. The owner is really nice guy and he knows what he's doing. I couldn’t ask for a better service.
Carol Brunson
Carol Brunson
You want the best? Or you want a great price? You can't have both. Cardillac's Roofing might be among the most expensive contractors on your list by a mile. But you're getting what you pay for. The craftsmanship is incomparable, their customer service is impeccable. I'm not sure if you can get any better than that.
Rachel D
Rachel D
Cardillacs Roofing has been the premier provider for us for our own roofing needs. They have installed, repaired and replaced our roofs for years. Their craftsmanship and dedication to customer service is what sets them apart from other contractors
Sean Gay
Sean Gay
Quick response time, work done efficiently, low pricing for high quality, highly qualified professionals, and excellent customer service are the words I can use to describe the attributes of this company. I had a leak in my roof and Cardillac's Roofing was there to help. They fixed my leak and came out really fast. I also loved how they followed up with me and answered each one of my questions
Poppy Holmes
Poppy Holmes
Their customer service is phenomenal. I received a call from their office to check on me after installation, and it was such a thoughtful touch. They were super accommodating when it came to scheduling the inspection, and even accommodated my hectic schedule with ease! I couldn't recommend Cardillacs Roofing
Mande Howez
Mande Howez
If you are ever in need of soffit and fascia repair, you should consider contacting Cadillacs Roofing. I hired for this repair job and honestly, I was totally mind-blown by their expertise.  They were able to quickly and easily assess the damage and give me a quote for the repair work. What's more, they even threw in a few extra services at no additional cost. The roofing company was also very friendly and personable, which made the whole experience that much better. I would highly recommend Cadillacs Roofing to anyone in need of soffit and fascia repair services. 10/10!
Nombulelo Mhlongo
Nombulelo Mhlongo
We needed skylights and sun tunnels installed on our roof. We contacted Cadillac's Roofing and they did an amazing job! Not only were the skylights and sun tunnels installed perfectly, but the roofers also took the time to show us how to use and maintain them. We're very happy with the work that this company did for us.
Rick Bolden
Rick Bolden
Cadillacs Roofing helped install a neatly done ventilation that went miles to help me save money on my bills. I advised my friend to consult them coz she also needed a ventilation installed on her house. Just like with my home, they also did a remarkable job installing an efficient ventilation system. Talk to them today if you're in need of one.

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