Roof Repair

High-Quality Roof Repair From Cadillacs Roofing

Are you experiencing a roofing emergency or looking for a reputable roofing company that provides annual maintenance at affordable prices? The expert team at Cadillacs Roofing is here to help! No matter what your roof needs, we will be there to fix or maintain it.

At Cadillacs Roofing, we specialize in Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Roof Inspection, and Flat Roof Replacement.

If you are in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville or Brampton, give us a call today!

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair

Our passion for roofing is what gets us up and running each morning. All roofs are different, so when you need something repaired, you have to rely on an experienced roofing company that has seen it all. Since 2010, Cadillac Roofing has been working on residential and commercial roofs across the GTA. We are a family-run business with no subcontractors, so you will always get that familiar touch when you need your roof looked after.

Our Roof Repair Process

  • After the initial estimate and inspection, Marcelo Espinoza, the owner of Cadillacs Roofing, will arrive at your property and protect the surroundings, including setting up tarps to catch debris and put up plywood over windows, doors and other valuables, if necessary.
  • Get on the roof to remove the damaged shingles and clean the area.
  • Install new, durable shingles.
  • Clean any debris left behind from the installation using a broom, leaf blower, and nail magnet.



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