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At Cadillacs Roofing, we put an emphasis on customer satisfaction to go along with our dedication to high-quality roof replacement services in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a father-son team that boasts over three decades in the roofing industry and there has been nothing we haven’t encountered or fixed!

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If you are in need of a total roof replacement for your home or commercial building, you need to hire a trustworthy and professional roofing company to get the job done perfectly. A full roof replacement requires strong attention to detail as well as efficiency to ensure the new roof is in place in a timely manner.

A full roof replacement does take a lot of work to complete, but we guarantee you will be satisfied with your new roof when we are done installing it. To help us complete the installation sooner, here are a few things that you can do to make the process smoother.

Clear The Surrounding Exterior

When we are replacing your roof, there will be a lot of debris falling from heights, including wood, nails, shingles, and tar. We will bring a dumpster to collect the debris, but some debris may end up missing the dumpster, so it’s best to clear anything you don’t want to be damaged. Park your car on the road, cover any flower beds or gardens with tarps, and move any hardscape pieces that could break if something falls on it.

After the job is complete, we will go around the property with a heavy-duty magnet to pick up any missed nails, as well as sweep up any dust and debris left behind.

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Securing Loose Items Inside Home

Although we will not be entering your home to do work, the interior of your home may be affected by vibrations that may occur during the installation process. This is especially important for your attic. Dust will most likely be dancing around in your attic, so place tarps along the floor to catch any dust or debris.

You should also take down any hanging pictures or mirrors and secure your plates in case the vibration knocks them down.

If you are ready to replace your roof, give Cadillacs Roofing a call today for a quote!

Be Aware Of Your Pets

If you have pets that are afraid of loud noises, you may want to keep them in the basement or bring them to a family or friend’s home. If they are OK with loud noises, be sure you monitor them when they go outside to do their business to ensure they stay away from the perimeter of the property to avoid any fallen debris.

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